Erika Holmes, Esq.

"As a Gen-Xer myself, Millennials used to drive me crazy. However, JP’s book does for the masses what JP has done for me personally – which is to see the value and potential of this incoming generation. In a straight-forward manner, JP addresses the main issues that 'established' attorneys have with the perceived Millennial mindset, from their worth ethic to their work space. He then artfully offers an alternative interpretation of Millennials’ actions, shedding a much-needed light on this generation’s underlying intentions and ultimate values. Lastly, he brilliantly lays forth a practical plan for firms to encourage, mentor, and thrive from all of the energy, ingenuity, integrity, and courage that Millennials have to offer. In short, The Millennial Lawyer is a must read for anyone interested in the future of the legal profession."

- Erika Holmes, Founder & Attorney at Law, ELHolmes Legal Solutions, & Chair of the Colorado Bar Association's Modern Law Practice Initiative