Consulting Services

I understand the challenges facing law firms -- juggling firm economics with client demands and the desires of Millennial associates. In fact, I've lived those challenges as a lawyer in Washington, DC and Denver, Colorado. I also understand how to meet those challenges, transforming generational tension into an asset and strength for your firm.

If you or your firm is interested in understanding the Millennial mindset and learning how to attract and retain the best young attorneys, I can guide you on that journey. My consulting services include:

Presentation to Your Law Firm's Leadership

  • Presentation - "The Millennial Lawyer: A Guide to Motivating and Retaining Young Lawyers" by JP Box. This presentation is geared towards partners and all those involved in the hiring and development of young attorneys. Together, we will explore the Millennial mindset and help your firm understand how to inspire Millennial attorneys to become highly engaged and productive members of your law firm. Importantly, I will explain how to integrate core Millennial values into your law firm's culture in a way that allows everyone (from Boomer and Gen X partners to Millennial associates) to work together efficiently and harmoniously.

  • Q & A / Discussion following the presentation. The presentation is intended to spark discussion and challenge underlying assumptions. I want to hear about your firm's unique challenges. Together, we can identify those challenges and explore possible solutions.

One-on-One Coaching

  • A customized, tailored approach to address your specific challenges with Millennial associates. This service includes:
    • (1) Introductory session to discuss and identify your unique challenges with Millennials at your firm. My goal is to give you concrete ideas and concepts that will turn those challenges into strengths at your firm.
    • (2) Follow-up session(s) to discuss and monitor your progress with Millennial associates at your firm. 

For booking and pricing:

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