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A Guide to Motivating and Retaining Young Associates by a Millennial Attorney-Turned-Entrepreneur, Consultant, and Author

I offer my experiences to help frame the generational divides that lead to misunderstandings between associates and partners, to illuminate the Millennial mindset, and to help law firms understand how to connect with, motivate, and retain the very best Millennial attorneys.
— JP Box, Preface to The Millennial Lawyer (ABA 2018)

Why Choose Me as Your Guide? I understand the challenges facing law firms -- juggling firm economics with client demands and the influx of Millennial associates. In fact, I've lived those challenges as an associate at small, mid-sized, and big firms. I also understand how to meet those challenges, transforming generational tension into an asset and strength for your firm.

What Skills Will You Acquire? Understanding the Millennial mindset is the key to unlocking the talents and work ethic of the youngest generation of attorneys. Together, we will identify commonly held Millennial values and explore how to leverage that newfound knowledge to motivate and retain top associates.

My Services: Consulting & Speaking Engagements

Presentation to Your Law Firm's Leadership

  • Presentation - The Millennial Lawyer: A Guide to Motivating and Retaining Young Lawyers by JP Box.

    This presentation is geared towards partners and all those involved in the hiring and development of young attorneys. Together, we will explore the Millennial mindset and help your firm understand how to inspire Millennial attorneys to become highly engaged and productive members of your law firm. The Millennial Lawyer presentation is ideally suited for law firm partnership retreats and leadership training opportunities.

  • Q & A / Discussion following the presentation.

    The topic of Millennials never fails to spark discussion, and I embrace that dialogue! Together, we can identify your firm’s strengths and challenges, as we chart a productive path forward for your firm and its associates.

Speaking Engagements at Bar Association Events

  • Presentations to Bar Associations and Other Thought Leaders in the Legal Community.

    I welcome the opportunity to present on the Millennial mindset and collaborate with thought leaders in the legal community. From bar association events to ABA conferences to Am Law 100 gatherings, I’ve had the good fortune of discussing the future of law with inspiring professionals across the country.

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