Author Interview on the Get Published Podcast

I recently appeared as a guest on Paul Brodie’s Get Published Podcast. Paul is a champion for aspiring authors, and so our discussion focused on the writing process and concrete advice for fellow writers. In addition, we also touched upon my journey as a lawyer-turned-entrepreneur and consultant.

Clocking in at 17 minutes, the podcast provides a peek into the behind-the-scenes writing of The Millennial Lawyer: How Your Firm Can Motivate and Retain Young Associates (ABA 2018). We cover topics from how I write (my advice: don’t short-change the pre-writing process!) to working with the talented editors of my book (many thanks to you all!).

Apart from the mechanics of writing, I also discussed my mindset as an entrepreneur. During my transition from practicing attorney to business owner and consultant, I came to this critical realization:

“I could once again become the creator, become the author, of my own life. . . . . We don’t have to be the passive observers of our lives. We can start creating something that is meaningful, something that inspires us.”

When I talk about my path as a Millennial lawyer to audiences, I stress that my experiences as the classic successful-yet-unfulfilled young associate are part of a shared arc of experiences of Millennials in the law and other professions. Importantly, my drive to find meaning and inspiration in my own life is shared by many young professionals.

While my path led me away from practicing law, I fully believe that law firms can create cultures that fulfill this ambition for Millennial associates. A productive path forward exists for law firms and their young associates, and that is why I am committed to helping law firms bridge the generational divide.

Hope you enjoy the podcast! Feel free to listen here or download on iTunes.